How to Orient an Online Course for All Learners

Assignments in the online course can take on a wide variety of personalities. I like to give the learner as much information as possible, but keep it on one screen. Note that in this screen shot, the assignment title, point value and overview are up front and center. This is helpful to those individuals who truly need the big picture first. They get to wrap their minds around the scope of the assignment before delving into the logistics.
When setting up instructions it is important to keep the action statements sequenced in order of purpose. Think: do this first, then do this. If you have information to add to the action, use sub-bullets to add this to the main directives.
Finally, offer information that will be helpful, i.e: How should the assignment be turned in? How many words? What file naming conventions should be used? etc.
See these examples of course organization best practices:


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