Online Teaching and Learning (Podcast)

Josie Bass Online Teaching and Learning (podcast)

Interviewer: Johnathan Finkelstein (Learning Times)

Online Learning and Building Community Online (books)

Rena Palloff; Keith Pratt
This podcast addresses the problem of faculty development in higher education institutions, particularly in the area of online instruction. Pratt and Palloff concur that there are some characteristics of excellent online instructors and that university development workshops usually address the lowest common denominator, rather than using the talents and expertise of the online masters to develop the newbies.

Characteristics of Excellent Online Instructor.

  • Visible–establish online presence (Wills)
  • Respond quickly to projects and emails.
  • Make themselves known.
  • Respectful with students.
  • Comfortable and conversant in technologies: Wikis, blogs, platforms, i.e. Web 2.0
  • Flexible and willing to try new things.

Phases of Online Faculty Development.

  • Put syllabus online, use email, put some pieces in CMS.
  • Comfortable with technologies in teaching (master).
  • Needs of advanced faculty usually don’t get met.

Good ideas:

Allow faculty (and learners for that matter) to…

  • Self Assessment
  • be involved in ongoing development process to help to determine faculty needs across the continuum.

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