Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world

I was searching transparency and education and came up with this TED talk on the open world (Tapscott, 2012).

Tapscott enlists us to think globally; to work together using the concept of openness. We know that our people expect transparency. He points out that it this is a result of technology, the Internet, and the information age thinking.

It is interesting to me that this is in fact an expectation of our organizations, government, and educational systems. He posits that social media has expanded our collaborations so that we expect tools for collecting information to be at our fingertips; that it builds trust within our transitions. He notes that knowledge and intelligence conveys power. He referred to this generation as one of “networked intelligence”.


Tapscott, D. June, 2012. Four principles for the open world. TED Global 2012. Retrieved from:


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