I hold a B.B.A in Accounting from Abilene Christian University (ACU)  and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from the University of Texas at Brownsville.

I taught in the Abilene Independent School District for 11 years. I taught for seven in a self contained PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) classroom. I taught the last four years in an inclusive Head Start classroom.

My husband, Jack, and I have been married  for 33 years. We have two children, Drew and Quinn. Drew graduated from the US Air Force Academy, and is stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas. He flies KC135’s. Quinn graduated from  ACU and is transitioning to Houston. He will marry in March of this year.

I believe that campus leadership can make or break a school and my goal is to prepare courses that prepare strong, effective Christian leaders.

I have designed a wide variety of courses at ACU, Texas Tech, Strategic Government Resources, Connected Consulting and Spring Arbor University in Michigan. Subject matter includes, but is not limited to Macro Economics, School Culture, Negotiation, and Greek. In designing courses, I believe it is important to first determine the learning outcome followed by objectives. I am experienced at developing a layout of the coursework, writing the course and placing it in either Blackboard or Moodle course management systems. I have also designed a course management system using WordPress. It included content, discussion, achievement, and commendation.

I believe that good learning is best achieved through a constructionist philosophy with an emphasis on the development of community. I am convinced that this is feasible in the online environment.

I am a consistently a leader in work groups. This is not necessarily because I hold my hand up for the role, but more often, due to the fact that people tend to turn to me to help them develop a process to work through the issues that develop. I think this, too, is an outgrowth of my strong and intuitive bend towards good instructional design. It bleeds over into everything we do: I tend to look for the outcome or goal of the team in order to work towards a process that is beneficial to all. I believe this gives others the opportunity to take ownership in the process, and therefore adopt the new system as their own.

I hope to continue to work in the field of adult education, developing online courses that will help learners gain the expertise they need while maintaining their commitments to family and jobs.


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